Why is it worth attending? | SecureTech Congress

Why is it worth attending?

Why is it worth attending SecureTech Congress?

The most important cross-sector project for security
The Congress began with the speech of Justin Kolenbrander, Head of the FBI Office in Poland, FBI, and the following panels were attended by the best specialists of the sector.
Cyber threats are not only IT problems, but serious business risks. CEO’s from nearly all the regions of the world put them in the 5 most important threats for their company.
65% of infected companies as a result of cyberattacks lost access to a considerable amount of data, and one in every 7 companies who paid ransom never regained access to the data!
Over the past year, as a result of cyberattacks, the financial loss affected 44% of Polish companies, and 62% noted disruption in functioning.
In 2017, up to 65% of companies in Poland detected incidents connected with security.
According to a report prepared by PWC, 1 in 10 companies were recognised as mature in the matter of approaching cybersecurity.
Data security – only 3% of companies in Poland are ready for the implementation of the GDPR. Half of the tested companies rate their preparedness as less than 30%. It’s surprising that 20% haven’t even started preparing for the implementations.
Security is a necessary condition for the development of the IoT ecosystem – Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 25% of known attacks on companies will concern the IoT.
12 million people have lost their data through phishing attacks, and viruses masked as normal e-mails are still the favourite tool for hackers hunting for personal information.
A report prepared by Google warns: direct phishing attacks and sneaky key-loggers caused a leak of over 3 billion cases of personal information. .
Evolution of services in the cloud – IDC’s analysis shows that every other company (48%) of Central and Eastern Europe already use computing software delivered via the cloud. Another 31% are planning to implement SaaS-class solutions over the next two years.
2017 was the year of ransomware program evolution
The cyberattack on Wannacry in May 2017 is one of the most well-known attacks. More than 300 thousand computers in 99 countries were infected. The criminals request payments in 28 languages (including Polish) which caused more than 700,000 Wannacry victims around the world. According to Europol, it was the largest attack of its kind in recent times.

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SecureTech Congressis the only conference of its kind which delivers knowledge on the topics of:

  • cybersecurity
  • GDPR in the technological and legal context,
  • cloud computing,
  • IoT security,
  • cyberattacks, e.g. malware, phishing,
  • anti-hacking process analysis.

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